I am a long time hobbyist woodworker located in Central Massachusetts producing personal use items through general carpentry and furniture making to more specialized pursuits such as bamboo fly rod making.  In recent years, I have fused my pipe smoking hobby with that of woodworking to satisfy my desire to own and smoke fine pipes.  A software professional by day, I use my pipe making as a way to relax, escape and re-energize.  I prefer traditional shapes and that is reflected in the pipes I choose to make.  I am strictly small scale, creating 30-40 pipes annually.   I believe that this smaller production allows me to leisurely gain the enjoyment and relaxation benefits that drew me to pipe making to start and affords me the time to make the best pipe I can.

All my my pipes are crafted from fine briar with hand cut stems from acrylic or ebonite and finished with a 3 step buffing and polishing for an attractive and durable finish.  I offer a 2 week inspection period when pipes can be returned in unsmoked condition for a refund of purchase price.  I continue to stand behind my pipes and offer repair or replacement for a period of 1 year for any defects in material or workmanship.

​​Available Pipes 

~ Handmade Pipes


P. Higgins Pipes